Neglected Mario Character Comix

Neglected Mario Character Comix

By Jay Resop

Welcome to the heart and soul of the Neglected Mario Characters webpage. These comix have come from the very mind of Jay Resop, written and put together for your entertainment. Jay Resop practically invented the sprite based internet comix. So if you have some extra time to spend, pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy NC Comix!
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Mario Busters, Part 14
A Day at the Jay's, by Link
Mario Busters, Part 12
Mario Busters, Part 11

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Random Comix
By Myself

The First Annual VGF Telethon! - 5/12/02
The 12 Days of NC Christmas! - 12/23/01
Back to School! - 8/30/01
A Merry NC Christmas! - 12/28/00
Y2Mario! - 12/28/99
Happy 2nd Birthday SMBHQ! - 8/11/99

More Random Comix

A Day at the Jay's, by Link - 9/21/02
A Tribute To Kyle, by Lord Reid - 10/30/01

The NC/SSS Crossover Mach 2 - Continuing
By Lord Reid and Myself
Contributing Editors
Sir Adam Cooper (Lemmy Koopa) and Patrick VanDusen

Prologue, by Lord Reid - 10/7/01
Part 1, by Lord Reid - 11/18/01
Part 2, by Jay Resop - 12/12/01
Part 3, by Lord Reid - 4/11/02
Part Cuatro, by Jay Resop - 7/17/02

Mario Busters - Continuing
By CodieKitty and Myself

The Date of Destiny, Part 1(By CodieKitty) - 9/29/01
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Tubby, Part 2(By Jay Resop) - 10/5/01
Team RAY Blasts Off Slow as a Slug!, Part 3(By CodieKitty) - 10/14/01
Theme Song, Part 4(By Jay Resop) - 11/19/01
The Planet's Dumbest Animals, Part 5(By CodieKitty) - 11/26/01
Nothing Says Dinner Like Liquid Gummi Bugs and Beef Jerky, Part 6(By Jay Resop) - 1/23/02
Yays, Rays, and Jays, Part 7(By CodieKitty) - 2/18/02
Theme Song Second Verse, Part 8(By Jay Resop) - 3/26/02
Lemmings, Silly Putty, and Robots Equal Fun, Fun, Fun!, Part 9(By CodieKitty) - 4/22/02
And You Thought It Was Just A Simple Running Joke, Part 10(By Jay Resop) - 6/13/02
I Listened To The Sports Tribe Music The Whole Time, Part 11(By CodieKitty) - 7/20/02
Theme Song Third Verse, Part 12(By Jay Resop) - 9/4/02
I Considered Atma or Lavos, But After Too Many Games Of Bionic Commando I Decided To Throw The Albatross At Him, Part 13(By CodieKitty) - 10/11/02
., Part 14(By Jay Resop) - 12/20/02

The NC/SSS Crossover - Ended
By Patrick VanDusen and Myself
Contributing Editors
Sir Adam Cooper (Lemmy Koopa) and Lord Reid

The Saga Ends...Er...Begins, Part 1(By Jay Resop) - 8/12/01
A Revolution, a Resolution, and a Revelation, Part 2(By Jay Resop) - 8/15/01
Why to Avoid Gnomes, Part 3(By Patrick VanDusen) - 10/1/01
You Don't Want To Know, Part 4(By Jay Resop) - 10/5/01

Bill and Fred's Quazi-Mediocre Adventure - Ended
By Steven Reich and Myself

Once Upon a Bad Pun, Prologue - 9/26/99
The Not-so-perfect Plan, Part 1 - 10/6/99
Mission Sorta-possible, Part 2 - 11/8/99
The Rath of Orland, Part 3 - 1/25/00
The Plot Thins, Part 4 - 2/18/00
Battle Hymn of the Idiot, Part 5 - 4/7/00
May The Worce Be With You, Part 6 - 6/10/00
America's Amazingly Stupid Home Videos, Part 7 - 7/13/00
And Now Let Us Have A Moment of Silence, Part 8 - 9/12/00
The Extra Move, Part 9 - 10/19/00
The Eco-Centric-Chrono-Time-Vortex, Part 10 - 11/18/00
Reason Number Two-Sixty-Three Why You Should Never Piss Off A Spanyard, Part 11 - 1/21/01
Yes, We Have No Bananas. We Have No Bananas, Today., Part 12 - 4/2/01
A Few Too English Muffins Short of an Intercontinental Breakfast, Part 13 - 4/30/01
Caught Between A Rock And, Well, Another Rock, Part 14 - 6/7/01
The End, The Begining, or Maybe Neither, Part 15a - 6/26/01
And You Thought That Seinfield Went On Forever, Part 15b - 6/26/01
Ep A Log, Part 15c - 6/26/01

The Mushroom Wars - Ended
By Lemmy Koopa and Myself

A New Side, Part 1(By Lemmy Koopa) - 12/17/98
A House Divided, Part 2(By Jay Resop) - 12/20/98
A Mouse, a Snake, a Crab, and a Fireball, Part 3(By Lemmy Koopa) - 1/1/99
The Alliance, Part 4(By Jay Resop) - 1/1/99
Reinforcements Have Arrived, Part 5(By Lemmy Koopa) - 2/20/99
The Mario Strikes Back, Part 6(By Jay Resop) - 2/20/99
Spies, Burnt Macaroni, and Overacting, Part 7(By Lemmy Koopa) - 5/7/99
Fight Fire with Anti-Ballistic Missiles, Part 8(By Jay Resop) - 5/7/99
Pasta Palace, Part 9(By Lemmy Koopa) - 6/14/99
The Crystal of Reststop, Part 10(By Jay Resop) - 6/14/99
The Koopa Klan Strikes Back, Part 11(By Lemmy Koopa) - 7/12/99
The Return of the Mario, Part 12(By Jay Resop) - 7/12/99
The Epic Battle, Part 13(By Lemmy Koopa) - 9/6/99
Shadows of the Mario, Part 14(By Jay Resop) - 9/6/99

The EVIL-Luigi Story - Ended
By Myself

Part 1 - 9/6/98
Part 2 - 9/14/98
Part 3 - 10/25/98
Part 4 - 11/25/98

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